FANUCI Futura Laser Cleaning Machine

FANUCI laser cleaning technology is available in FIBER and MOPA modes. Basic power variants: FIBER 1000W, 1500W, 2000W, 3000W, MOPA 100W, 200W, 300W, 500W. Designed to accommodate all production needs. Highly advanced technology to maximise cleaning processes.


FANUCI Futura is a highly advanced laser cleaning technology available for everyone!

The use of a fiber-optic laser for industrial cleaning and maintenance has become a leading cleaning method in metal processing industry. Because, in comparison to the traditional cleaning methods currently used, it is extremely reliable, easy to operate and environment friendly. These factors combined with strict law regulations regarding environmental protection and OHS (Occupational Health and Safety), and the constant reduction of authorised chemical substances have opened the way for a vast range of applications. Laser technology in cleaning is widely used in many industries, including the automotive industry, astronautics, electronics, aviation, energy production, production of sanitary equipment, production and regeneration of matrices etc. It is a highly precise, flexible and effective process, which enables maintaining ergonomics of production costs. Moreover, this process is non-contact and versatile, and can be safely applied to even most sensitive surfaces. Nowadays, laser cleaning technology is used with great success in most surface cleaning processes, e.g. removal of paint, rust and discoloration from metal and polychrome (multi-coloured) surfaces, degreasing of elements from grease and oils, cleaning of molds, removal of wall inscriptions (graffiti), maintenance and cleaning of stone surfaces, stone objects, monuments and many others. The laser cleaning technology has been perfectly used in the renovation of works of art, old fabrics, parchments, frescoes or paintings, as it enables selective removal of impurities without damaging the base material (substrate). No mechanical or post-process treatment is required after laser cleaning process. FANUCI Futura laser cleaning technology is available in 2 basic modes: FIBER (standard cleaning processes e.g. rust) and MOPA (sensitive cleaning processes e.g. molds). FANUCI proprietary, high-tech laser cleaning solutions provide not only stable, high and fast operations, but also perfect quality of cleaning results. It is the very guarantee of industrial durability for years. FANUCI laser cleaning machines come with full 2-3-years warranty for the whole device.


Basic advantages

Fiber laser cleaning technology is becoming increasingly popular in manufacturing replacing traditional cleaning methods in production process. It provides contact-free, flexible, high-speed operations for even the most advanced industries. It is extensively applied in aerospace, automotive, defense and military, medical devices, electronics, petrochemical refining, communications, energy, automation, outsourcing processes etc.. The main advantages of fiber laser cleaning are as follows:

  • Increased speed and flexibility
  • High precision accuracy
  • Outstanding versatility
  • Perfect finishes
  • Cleaning without any distortion
  • No after process treatment required
  • Suitable for a wide range materials and thicknesses
  • Cleaning of dissimilar materials
  • Non-contact process
  • No special cleaning qualifications required
  • Easily automated with robots
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Low operating costs
  • Pulsed or continuous cleaning modes

Product overview

General presentation of FANUCI Futura. The latest development of fiber laser cleaning machine and its most vital components. The 4th generation of highly advanced fiber cleaning technology in FIBER and MOPA modes.


Main components

Only world class, fully certified components. When laser precision meets Italian finesse

FANUCI 4th generation of laser cleaning machines is at the very top of the product range available on the metal processing market. Below we would like to provide the brief summary of the basic components produced by FANUCI and authorized by global TOP-TECH control units.

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Item Description Options
Laser source FANUCI PowerON Fiber 1kW 1.5kW 2kW 3KW / Mopa 100W 200W 300W 500W
Laser head RAPTOR PRO Wobble
Control system LaserCLEAN PRO Fiber / Mopa
Electrics ABB Weidmuller Integrated
Cooling unit Water (FIBER) / Air (MOPA) Integrated
Safety DefenderVV External (basic/pro)
Fume filter CleanAIR PRO External (automatic)


Main advantages of fiber laser technology by FANUCI:

  • The REAL output power of the source is on average 112-120% based on designated power.
  • 976nm laser pump technology provides the very same core laser pump tech and components as IPG. Electro-optical conversion efficiency is as high as 48%, saving 15% compare to 915nm. Allows processes of cleaning of high reflective materials.
  • Intelligent automatic access to the network, remote diagnosis, remote service. Up to 85% of concerning system issues could be solved remotely, significantly saving time.
  • Extremely effective high brightness. Gaussian spot, M-<1.3, limit output cable 10um.
  • Fast response gives rapid O to maximum power <5us, response frequency 50kHz.
  • Programmable and customized output curve, 64 sets of parameters stored and recalled at any time.
  • Flexible and modular design, easier and fast change modular to repair or upgrade power (for high power source).
  • Nearby support of FANUCI repair and storage centre in EU and US. Could switch and repair locally which brings non-stop operation.
  • Fiber technology is constantly being developed and improved.
  • Low operating and maintenance cost. Significant reduction of production cost.
  • The estimated working time of the fiber source is approx. 100,000 working hours.
  • Friendly and safe technology for the environment and the workplace.

MOPA Laser Head

FIBER Laser Head


The second, extremely important component that determines the quality and speed of cleaning is the laser head. The FANUCI cleaner is equipped with a proprietary, modern head with an electric moving beam system, oscillation. It has a patented mechanism that drives the focusing lens, which allows it to automatically change its position, and thus the width and shape of the beam. The head is cooled with water (FIBER) and air (MOPA), which allows it to work stably and without interruption. The device has a light, ergonomic design and fits securely in the operator's hands.

Main advantages of fiber laser cleaning heads by FANUCI:

FANUCI proprietary cleaning laser heads are available in 2 operating modes (Fiber & Mopa). This must have, valid selection perfectly matches operating systems also developed by FANUCI. Characterised, above all, by lightweight construction, simple and user-friendly operating, incredible quality of cleaning, high speed of work and lack of post-process treatment. Moreover, FANUCI cleaning laser heads are cooled with water (FIBER) and air (MOPA), which allows to work in the most stable manner and without interruptions, especially with powers > 2kW.

What is the PRO Wobble function?

Higher speed, better penetration and quality of laser cleaning! The head equipped with a movable lens controlled automatically gives the opportunity to correct material imperfections. Variable cleaning patterns (spots) results in much better cleaning results, so far unavailable in the technology of manual laser cleaning accomplished on traditional cleaning heads.



Main advantages of fiber laser operating systems by FANUCI:

FANUCI control systems are available in 2 operating modes (Fiber & Mopa) that combines high performance with intuitiveness and ease of use. Systems are always matched with appropriate laser heads to ensure perfect config. The control is placed on a colour touch display that allows to set all the necessary parameters depending on the user's needs. The system permits to save ready-made programs for given types of cleaning or materials in accordance with production profile.


ABB Weidmuller

Electrical installation and security

FANUCI laser cleaners are equipped with reliable ABB electrical installation, which is necessary to ensure constant, safe power supply that will ensure the continuity of device operation. ABB solutions protect against over-voltages, short circuits or discharges, which guarantees no downtime in business, and production. It also allows for continuous monitoring of electricity consumption.


ChillX PRO

Main advantages of cooling unit by FANUCI:

FANUCI cooling system can provide simultaneously highly-efficient cooling effect for the laser source and cleaning head. Reduced working temperature gives the maximum efficiency, and thus better protection of the overall operations of the equipment. FANUCI cooling system is very simple and intuitive, which makes it easier to maintain.



Main advantages of safety equipment by FANUCI:

Safety is extremely important. We highly recommend that operators are fully protected at all times. FANUCI safety equipment help preventing hazardous situations that may occur in the workplace. DefenderVV protective mask is available in 2 options BASIC&PRO.

Always remember to stay protected!



Main advantages of fume filtering unit by FANUCI:

Designed laser cleaning fume filter automatically removes vapours and dust making the device friendly both for the environment and the operator’s work station. At the same time it influences the longer life of applied consumable parts.. The purified air can be returned to the working area. In addition returned air can give an extra warmth if necessary.


Technical parameters

Technical parameters of each device are fixed. All required technical data is provided in commercial offers only. Final values depend on the configuration of the desired model. Please contact us to learn more.


If you would like to learn more about FANUCI range of products, please do not hesitate to contact us.