How to choose the right laser welding machine? Buying Guide

With the rapid development of the laser industry, the market of laser welding machine products of various brands, the quality of the good and bad, buyers in the purchase of laser welding machine, often at a loss, so how exactly should choose the right laser welding machine? Here is FANUCI LASER to explain the following are some key factors to pay attention to when buying a laser welding machine.FANUCI is a professional manufacturer of laser welding machines and laser cleaning machines. This guide will help you choose the laser welder that best suits your requirements

Laser types

 There are different types of handheld laser welders, including fiber lasers, CO2 lasers and YAG lasers. Each type of laser has unique attributes that affect the welding process, such as beam quality, wavelength and power output. Fiber optic welders currently offer greater advantages over other welding methods, so consider which type of laser is best for your application.


  We must confirm whether our products are suitable for welding with laser welding machine when we choose laser welding machine, FANUCI laser provides free sample service, you can contact our sales staff to discuss the sample. To confirm the use of laser welding machine can meet their own requirements.

Laser cleaning metal effect


 The power output of a handheld laser welder determines its ability to weld different materials and thicknesses. Consider the power output required for your application.

Laser source

The laser is the most core component of the handheld laser welding machine, the performance and price of different brands of lasers vary greatly. FANUCI laser using Raycus, MAX and other first-line brands, while using the FANUCI POWER ON laser using a 976nm pump source, FANUCI POWER ON laser laser using a 976nm laser Pump source, photoelectric conversion efficiency of up to 48%, compared to 915nm laser pump source energy efficiency savings of more than 15%, in large-scale metal processing production can save a lot of electricity costs.

Laser sources


 FANUCI offers the best quality laser welding machine at the best price. However, some manufacturers will emphasize the low price of their products while ignoring the core configuration on the equipment. The core configuration of the laser welding machine mainly includes: laser, water cooler, electronic control system, laser gun head, etc.. These configurations determine the quality of the laser welding machine, which in turn affects the price of the equipment. FANUCI laser using Raycus and other international first-line brands, electronic control using Germany or Japan first-line brands, the equipment all meet ce standards.

Welding speed

 The welding speed of a handheld laser welder is important for high production volume applications. Choose a machine that can weld at the speed required for your application.

Welding speed of common laser welding materials


 The portability of a handheld laser welder is critical for applications that require frequent movement of the machine. Consider the weight and size of the machine, and how easy it is to transport. Handheld laser welders are usually not very large, and if portability is important you can choose a portable laser welder, which are usually about a third of the size of a standard laser welder


The ergonomic design of a handheld laser welder affects its ease of use and operator comfort. Look for a machine with an ergonomic design, such as a comfortable handle and easy-to-use controls.

Welding quality

 Consider the quality of the weld you need to achieve. Some applications require highly accurate, clean welds, and a high-quality laser welder can achieve better weld quality. Look for a handheld laser welder that can deliver the level of quality you need.

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Service and Support

 Look for a handheld laser welder from a reputable manufacturer that offers good service and support. FANUCI has more than twenty dealers in Europe as well as branch offices. Parts stations in major core regions such as Europe, Middle East, Asia and Australia are available to provide the fastest parts support to customers. Good service and support can help ensure that you get the most out of your investment and that any problems that arise are resolved quickly.



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