Fanuci USA

FANUCI US is a subsidiary company of FANUCI in North America, located in the city of Chicago with convenient transportation and pleasant climate. FANUCI is committed to continuously improving and improving customer experience in various aspects such as service capabilities, communication efficiency, and delivery speed.

North America Warehouse

FANUCI US maintains 20-50 in-stock/quasi-stock laser welding machines to provide North America distributors with faster supply. Every in-stock equipment has undergone rigorous FAT testing at the factory to ensure delivery speed without relaxing our consistent standards for quality.

North America Part Center

FANUCI US holds a rich spare parts reserve, which is sufficient to support the after-sales service of existing equipment in the entire North America and Latin America market, and can meet the growing business needs. Including the overall replacement, laser source, water cooling, welding system and laser head, electrical components, accessories, wearing parts and other accessories to ensure the operation of the equipment.

North America After Sales Center

FANUCI US has a team of well-trained after-sales engineers based in Chicago, which can provide same-day door-to-door service throughout North America.

North America Sales Support Center

FANUCI US’s active and enthusiastic sales team based in Chicago can achieve time-lag pre-sales support for our distributors and clients.

North America Laser Repair Center (under construction)

FANUCI US hopes to solve customers’ laser problems in locally. By setting up a laser repair center, lasers of various brands can be repaired. The repair time of the laser can be shortened from one month to 3-7 days in USA. Minimize customer downtime and ensure efficient equipment operation.

US Center Showroom

In addition to warehousing and service, FANUCI US can receive dealer customers from various countries, and provide customers with equipment display, actual operation, sample testing and other needs. We have prepared first-class coffee and desserts, welcome every friend who is interested in FANUCI